Alfonsina Arriaga-Jimenez


Alfonsina is a mexican biologist, her main interest is the study of insects (Scarab beetles, native bees and velvet ants), their biogeography, ecology, and behaviour. For the past years, she worked mainly in sky islands (mountains) and islands in Mexico. She has IUCN red list experience in Mediterranean and Mexican dung beetles. Furthermore, Alfonsina is also interested in working with indigenous communities around the areas she sample, especially in their ethnobiological knowledge and the relation between biodiversity and indigenous languages. At UNE, she will be working with native dung beetles in NSW.

Project: Assessing the vulnerability of native dung beetles to a warmer and drier climate on gradients.






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Insect Ecology Lab

Natural History Museum (W77)

University of New England

Armidale NSW 2031


61 (0)2 6773 2937