Current research projects:


Dung Beetles:


Dung Beetle Ecosystem Services: Zac, Behnaz, Tom H. Nige


Dung Beetle Competition and Dynamic Energy Budgets: Nige, Alva, Sarah


Dung Beetle assemblages along environmental gradients: Alfonsina, Tom H.


Dung Beetle movement: Nige, and Tom C.





Future Keepers: Nige, Sarah,



Aphid and Parasitoid Thermal Tolerance and Extreme Temperature Exposure: Mukta



Helicoverpa Thermal Preferences and Oviposition preferences: Sam



Insects as Poultry Feed: Jessica



Insect Imaging and Databasing: Eric, Conor, Sarah



Insect Ecology Lab

Natural History Museum (W77)

University of New England

Armidale NSW 2031


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